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Director of Operations

Steven Vargas



Director of Operations Steven Vargas has been engulfed in the National Soccer community for over 20 years. Being a child of Adult and Youth Athletic league administrators, he has been deeply involved in athletics for close to 40 years. Focusing on Soccer, Coach Vargas' dedication to his community drove him to found a community award winning Youth Competitive Soccer club focused on helping low-income households. Due to that club's success it became an affiliate of the top 10 club in the nation at the time, California Odyssey. Here is where Coach Vargas gained most of his nationwide contacts. He also coached at the best events in the US during this time. Teams he has led have won numerous State Cup titles and he has even had multiple teams win the State Cup championship on the same day.
The club he founded, Real CenCal SC, provided a pathway for players to be placed on national teams, earn spots on college rosters and earn professional contracts. Coach Vargas then led a local California HS for 3 seasons. Here he led that group to their first Championship of any kind in over 10 years and helped multiple students achieve athletic scholarships. Taking over his hometown school that had 5 wins total the 2 years prior to Coach Vargas’ arrival, his staff led the program to the Playoffs and a double digit win total (11) by their 3rd season. Those 3 seasons led Coach Vargas to be asked to join the College of the Sequoias Men's coaching staff in early 2020. Here he helped the new head coach start his program. Coach Vargas is also a proud graduate of College of the Sequoias and has had a heartfelt and rewarding career as a SPED Behavioral Management Professional.
Now as Founder and Director of Cal State Preparatory Academy he has again provided hope for the ultimate dream of young student-athletes. Being a National Diploma Coach he has the knowledge, know how and expertise to guide youth on a path to long term success. With a proven track record of directing student-athletes to obtaining that scholarship. Coach Vargas’ dedication to helping young athletes achieve their dreams keeps being a reality.
He is a proud father of 4 and has been married to his wife Melissa for over to 20 years. Their oldest son Steven Jr. is married and a Military Police soldier stationed in Eastern Washington. Pearl, their only daughter is currently on scholarship studying Biology and a member of the women's soccer team at Arizona Christian University. Micah, their second oldest son is a current Junior in High School and Jonah their youngest son is 5 years old.