Cal State Prep Academy

Residential Program Full-Tuition - UPSL Academy Gap Year/Post-Secondary Program

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This is the base tuition price for our Gap Year/Post-Secondary Residential program for our academy year (This total amount reflects No Scholarship Award deducted, all students will receive scholarships based on household incomes). It is important that players understand that this includes the soccer training program, program transportation, Cal State Prep Meal plan, all uniforms, training gear, housing and hotel cost appropriately. In order to reserve a spot at Cal State Prep Academy, one must pay at least the deposit (non-refundable after 5 business days) and full tuition must be paid 30 days before the start date of the program according to the contract, unless agreed upon.

Although the staff may recommend academic options, Cal State Prep Academy is a Post-Secondary and Secondary soccer program and not a school. All academic schooling is provide by Connections Academy or any Distance learning program agreed upon by both, families and the academy. Cal State Prep Academy expenses are as follows: field/gym/facility cost, housing, tournament/game fees, transportation, marketing, web development, organizational, player and facility insurance, training, storage, furniture, jerseys, and employees.

Each expense is necessary to provide our athletes the best experience possible. We are dedicated to providing our athletes with the facilities, training, and/or expertise that it takes for soccer players play at the collegiate and professional level.

*Please do not pay any fees until you have been sent your official offer by email