Full-Time Soccer Academy rolling out in August in California's Central Valley!

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Visalia, Ca. - On the heels of several recent announcements Cal State Preparatory Academy is proud to announce the launching of Central California's first Full-Time Residential Gap Year and Local High School Age Soccer Academy commencing this August 2021.

Cal State Preparatory Academy, which has started to have a strong presence in California's populous San Joaquin Valley, continues to grow with the addition of our full time Residential Gap Year and Local High School Soccer Academy.” said Steven Vargas, Director of Cal State Preparatory Academy. “The presence of our Academy, spanning several Central California Counties, lends a great wealth of experience in the development of talented young athletes that we believe will greatly benefit those in our community and the athletes participating in our Academy.”

With its origins tracing back to 2008 in Selma Ca, Cal State Preparatory Academy exists to develop, enhance and promote the skills and abilities of talented young soccer players through quality training by quality coaches in addition to the Academy's emphasis on the promotion of our athlete's. Drawing inspiration from major clubs around the world, Cal State Preparatory Academy has developed an Academy that is much needed on our continent.

Addison Tolliver photo

Cal State Prep Academy is currently announcing new signings every couple of weeks. Gaining interest from current recruits from parts like Chicago, upper state New York and Puerto Rico, Cal State Prep has landed some of the most elite and sought after recruits in the nation. Addison Tolliver from Tustin in Southern California comes our way by means of one of the most successful youth club programs to date, So Cal Blues. On the men's side, one of the most sought after local recruits, Jose Rosales of Visalia's Redwood High School and Visalia FC has put pen to paper also to attend Cal State Preparatory Academy.

Jose Rosales photo

"Being able to provide an all day academy is what made me decide on Cal State Prep Academy. I feel the staff here will provide me the best opportunity to play soccer at the next level." said Jose Rosales, 2021' Cal State Preparatory Academy Recruit Signing.

"We are very excited here at Cal State Prep about these and all our other signings. The competition advantage these athlete's will be given is second to none.” said Steven Vargas, Director of Cal State Preparatory Academy“Having a residential and local eight month full-time soccer program will allow us to consistently structure our athletes soccer training in ways that haven't been seen prior due to the usual training time constraints. Our group has accepted the notion of starting an American Soccer and Sport Academy movement. We plan to compete in the UPSL this coming Fall and travel the country playing in the most elite showcases and against the nation's top Prep Schools. We will maintain and build off the integrity that our founding group has displayed for over 20 years,” said Vargas.

Cal State Preparatory Academy's founding group had a prior nonprofit venture that was a community award-winning youth competitive soccer club geared towards low-income households. Building off that success, Cal State Preparatory Academy's founding members once again have came together to provide the children of California's Central Valley and now the nation an opportunity that is currently rarely seen in the sporting community.

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The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) is the largest and fastest growing Pro Development Soccer league in America made up of over 400 teams Nationally, for more info visit www.upsl.com.